What is mid-size fashion? Experts explain the TikTok trend

With all the time spent perusing through countless TikTok videos, chances are you’ve seen tons of viral trends — everything from whipped coffee to your new favorite dress from Amazon’s ‘Internet Famous’ section. However, there is no shortage of TikTok trends and we’ve officially found our new favorite: mid-size fashion.

With almost 525 million views on TikTok, #midsizefashion has made waves in the body positivity movement for bringing about a size range that’s often not discussed. “As the desire for representation of all body types has increased, we’ve seen conversations around a new size category emerge onto the scene: fashion for women who straddle the line between “straight sizes” and “extended sizes” is what we now refer to as “mid-size,” explains Stitch Fix stylist Ashley Sanchez. In other words, it’s for people who are a little bit above what society deems as ‘traditional’ sizing, but not quite into the plus-size category yet.

Ready to hear all about this TikTok trend that’s likely taking over your FYP? Professional stylists weigh in on everything you need to know about mid-size fashion.

What sizes fall under mid-size fashion?

Generally speaking, mid-size fashion ranges from a 10 to 16 in women’s sizing. “If you find you’re too big to fit into straight-sized stores like Zara but too small for size-inclusive stores like Torrid, you most likely fall in the mid-size range,” explains Mac Rose, a stylist based in New York City. “That being said, every brand has different sizing systems and no two numbers mean the same thing.”

Why did mid-size fashion go viral on TikTok?

The statement ‘I’ve never seen my body type on social media before’ was uttered over and over again by so many until #midsizefashion started popping up more regularly. “One quick scroll through mid-size fashion content and you’ll see this sentiment shared over and over again,” says Sanchez.

Gen Z, in particular, has made waves in the body positivity movement by encouraging individuals of all sizes to embrace their bodies. “Because of this, mid-size fashion influencers like Remi Bader have created massive TikTok followings by sharing honest and authentic trying hauls of trendy styles from popular brands, using their platform to prove that size is nothing but a number,” Sanchez explains. And, if you’re looking for some other mid-size bloggers to follow Alyssa Amoroso, Danielle Massis, Bella Gerard and Chloe Xandria are great options, too.

What brands specialize in mid-size fashion?

With the concept of mid-size fashion still relatively new, there aren’t many brands that cater to it specifically just yet. However, some brands definitely offer a lot of options that are perfect for those in the mid-size category. According to Candice Lambert, a Los-Angeles based celebrity stylist and costume designer, some great options across all price points include Free People, Topshop, Veronica Beard, Ulla Johnson, Zimmerman, Balmain, Alexander McQueen and Lanvin. On a similar note, Melissa Chataigne, a stylist and on-air host, advises checking out the mid-size selection from ASOS, BAACAL, Good American, Aerie and Amazon.

How to style mid-size fashion, according to experts

As with all types of fashion, there are always tricks of the trade to help make styling your shape easier. Lambert advises tailoring your favorite pieces to help them fit correctly. “If you find pieces that you absolutely love but don’t quite fit right, take it to your local tailor who can help fit the garment to your body.”

Another great expert tip? Make sure you know your measurements. “Some brands have been working with ‘true fit’ technology to create some sort of universal sizing, but knowing your bust, waist, shoulders and inseam will help you shop easier online,” explains Chataigne.

What styles are popular in mid-size fashion?

The biggest problem when shopping for mid-size clothing is the bust and waist being too tight or the length being too long or short. “You’ll want to focus on highlighting and dressing for your assets and styling to complement your favorite part of you,” advises Chataigne.

Regardless of what size range you are in, though, the style you feel most confident in is the best one. “Any style can complement mid-size fashion when worn with confidence,” says Sanchez.

However, there are certain styles that tend to accentuate the mid-size range. “You want to pick pieces that flatter your body type like anything A-line and anything that hugs your waist and accentuates your curves,” explains Lambert.

Mid-size fashion staples to try, according to shoppers

Who What Wear Puff Long Sleeve A-Line Dress

For days when you want to look effortlessly chic, opt for this long-sleeved A-line dress. Its puff sleeve detailing and gorgeous pattern options are great for throwing on when you’re on-the-go but need to look put together.

Levi’s Ribcage Straight Ankle Jeans

A good pair of waist-defining jeans is a necessary closet addition, so don’t be alarmed if you find yourself purchasing another pair of these comfy ones from Levi’s.

Free People Nevermind Cardi

Another wardrobe must-have? A super plush cardigan! This bohemian option from Free People is available in three classic colors and sizes up to 16.

Banana Republic Factory Silky Oversized Shirt

Dressing up is as easy as throwing on this silky shirt from Banana Republic Factory. Elegant features like drop shoulders, buttoned cuffs and a back-spanning yoke elevate any garment you’re pairing this garment with.

Lulus In the Cards Cable Knit Two-Piece Sweater Dress

Embrace two trends in one — cable knitwear and matching sets — with this comfortable two-piece sweater dress from Lulus. With a relaxed turtleneck and a high-waisted mini skirt, dressing for cooler temperatures has never been this easy.

Reformation Port Dress Es

With its two sleek pattern options, fitted top and relaxed skirt silhouette, you’ll feel super glamorous whenever you throw this Reformation dress on. Pair it with a classic red lip, heels or sneakers and fun accessories for the perfect look every single time.

ASOS DESIGN Curve Faux Leather Belted Jacket

Let’s be honest: A well-fitting leather belted jacket will add a hint of definition and a touch of edginess while matching with practically every outfit you have in your fall wardrobe.

A New Day Ruffle Short Sleeve Dress

A wrap dress is a mid-size fashion staple thanks to its flattering silhouette. It’ll hug your curves in all the right places while looking super stylish.

Wild Fable Pleated Wrap Mini A-Line Skirt

For days when you want to feel like you have legs for days, opt for a mini skirt. It’ll not only elongate your legs, but this A-line skirt from Target will accentuate your waist perfectly.

STAUD Shoko Sweater Midi Dress

Thanks to its gorgeous color palette and curve-hugging shape, you’ll find yourself reaching for this Staud dress over and over again.

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