Stalled at the fall fashion starting gate

Following some primal instinct, I find myself looking at the pastels and stark whites in my closet and drawers and think it’s time to move on. It’s an immediate response to the word autumn. 

Suddenly, I’m awash in my own images of heathers and mosses, burnt oranges and crimsons. It all reaches a crescendo when the magazine ads start and the New York Times delivers its “Style” section with the Sunday paper. 

Sally Friedman

So, on a recent afternoon, I sat down with a pile of publications on my lap, dreaming of finding myself on those glossy pages. That self is a confident woman with a reasonable sense of daring when it comes to clothes. That self owns lots of black and tan garments, like most safety-seeking women, but occasional purples and cranberries have been known to sneak in. Ditto for a few rich grays.