Spring Fashion: Swept Away

Inspired by the florals and textures of the Southwest, we create Western fashion looks ranging from formal to casual for every vacation.

Our 2022 spring fashion spread shot at the Texican Court hotel evokes vacation vibes with lively and lovely fresh color palettes and plenty of fringe, boots, hats, and turquoise jewelry.

2022 Spring Fashion Shoot

ON HIM: American Hat Company 10X Silverbelly hat ($399.95), besthatstore.com. Black shirt (C&I’s own). Stanley moto jacket ($425), overland.com. Wrangler retro jeans (C&I’s own). Mad Dog roper boots ($795), lucchese.com.

ON HER: Turquoise and Navajo pearl earrings ($325), stonefeatherroad.com. Rose Martin (Navajo) Lariat necklace and Bernyse Chavez (Navajo) Royston turquoise pendants ($14,500), samsvillegallery.com. Silk turquoise blouse ($1,495), maloufontheplaza.com. Sunshine Reeves (Navajo) turquoise cluster cuff ($2,350), coloradojo.com. Axis hide and bison leather traveler bag ($495), stonefeatherroad.com. Metallic suede fringe boots ($2,520), rocketbuster.com.

High desert straw hat ($75), charlie1horsehats.com. Turquoise Charlie earrings ($28), mcintiresaddlery.com. Bear claw necklace ($2,000), westerntradingpost.com. 11 Cross antique turquoise and silver necklace ($550), topazspiritjewelry.com. Black tank top (C&I’s own). Lambskin and suede vest ($275), lakelandleatherworks.com. Black leggings (C&I’s own). Tommy Jackson (Navajo) turquoise cuff ($3,700), leotasindianart.com. Red Mountain turquoise cuff ($1,125), kirpachbrayclets.com. Triangle turquoise ring ($380), jewelryladyredriver.com. Daisy collection backpack ($715), doublejsaddlery.com. The Annie boots ($255), tecovas.com.

2022 Spring Fashion Shoot

ON HER: Native American 14K gold and turquoise Kachina pendant ($1,700) and earrings ($3,400), bennettfinejewelry.com. Sue moto jacket ($299), overland.com. Mucho Gusto St. Moritz blouse ($630), leddys.com. Turquoise and diamond buckle ring ($4,950), ferrisjewelry.com. Opal Sweetheart ring ($7,295) and opal River of Love ring ($3,795), santafegoldworks.com. Morrison bootcut jeans ($135), leddys.com. Goldrush boots ($1,200), dannahlane.com.

ON HIM: Bowie wool vest ($150) and Western pinpoint dress shirt ($120), schaeferoutfitter.com. Wrangler retro jeans (C&I’s own). Collins black Western boots ($895), lucchese.com.

2022 Spring Fashion Shoot

LEFT: Sweetheart squash blossom (contact for price), nuevorancho.com. Ranna Gill off-the-shoulder top ($155), leddys.com. Fringed Bandit skirt ($70), cheyenneranchboutique.com. Anthony Skeets (Navajo) spiny oyster cluster bracelet ($2,300) and Terry Martinez (Navajo) spiny oyster and turquoise ring ($3,500), samsvillegallery.com. Rose alligator clutch ($550), casadelriocollection.com. Liberty Black Brandy metallic gold boots ($230), texasbootcompany.com.

RIGHT: The Desert’s Calling hand-painted hat ($450), cheyenneranchboutique.com. Florenda Lonasee (Zuni) turquoise hoops ($282), wyominghome.com. Where The Buffalo Roam silk scarf ($79), fringescarves.com. Punchy denim dress (contact for price), doubledranch.com. Turquoise Charlie leather belt with turquoise stone buckle ($300), mcintiresaddlery.com. 1940s Zuni bracelet ($1,500), westerntradingpost.com. South Hill turquoise cluster cuff ($859), callicosilver.com. Ribbon turquoise ring ($320), peterwgilroy.com. Saddle brown embroidery boots with fringe ($269), corralboots.com.

2022 Spring Fashion Shoot

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Glass bead and aged bronze necklace ($220), desire2b.com. Handmade pearl necklace with Royston turquoise pendant ($4,900), stonefeatherroad.com. Sonoran turquoise and sterling silver bracelet ($62), desire2b.com. Tommy Jackson (Navajo) Morenci turquoise cuff ($3,700), leotasindianart.com. Agate artisan leather cuff ($389), weatheredsouljewelry.com. Hand-cast buffalo and stars necklace ($175), tresmelindas.com. Hand-stamped silver necklace ($500) and horse spirit pendant ($700), jewelryladyredriver.com. Leon Martinez (Navajo) turquoise squash blossom ($3,850), coloradojo.com. Hand-cast horse and stars necklace ($175), tresmelindas.com.


Vibes In Pink sunglasses ($59.95), americanbonfireco.com. Multi-braid leather necklace ($88) and Kingman turquoise cluster pendant ($770), lauraingallsdesigns.com. Double D Ranch Sheridan style jacket ($898), annsturquoise.com. Pink tank top (C&I’s own). Geraldine Yazzie (Navajo) Golden Hills turquoise and sterling silver concho belt ($6,000), coloradojo.com. Wrangler denim skirt (C&I’s own). Rockstar Cowgirl ostrich patchwork boots ($4,110), falconhead.com.

2022 Spring Fashion Shoot

CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: Turquoise American alligator belt ($1,695), mercuryleatherworks.com. Turquoise crossbody ($149), americanwest.cc. Ol’ Salty turquoise jacket with fringe (contact for price), doubledranch.com. Double D Ranch Graciana short-sleeve jacket ($860), thesparklingspur.com. Tri-City hat ($125) and Juno hat ($155), stetson.com. Pink crocheted floral scarf ($48), cowboysanddaisiescolorado.com. Butterfly guitar boots ($279), corralboots.com. Flower embroidery boots ($250), nuevorancho.com.

2022 Spring Fashion Shoot

Boheme maxi kimono ($799), maverickwesternwear.com. Charoite and spiny oyster earring and necklace set ($2,340), nationalcowboymuseum.org. Nestoria Coriz (Kewa) Kingman turquoise and spiny oyster necklace ($1,098), wyominghome.com. Gabby Spencer (Navajo) Kingman turquoise cluster ring ($900) and cuff ($3,250), hippiecowgirlcouture.com. Raindance shorty boots ($2,195), rocketbuster.com.

2022 Spring Fashion Shoot

TOP LEFT: American Hat Company 40X Tuscan felt hat ($509.95), besthatstore.com. Chris Yazzie (Navajo) Emerald Valley turquoise, coral, and lapis bolo ($3,200), leotasindianart.com. Pendleton orange button-up shirt (C&I’s own). Herringbone tweed frock coat ($350), frontierls.com. Leather belt (C&I’s own). Wrangler retro jeans (C&I’s own).

BOTTOM LEFT: Mohave Canyon large zip tote ($245), americanwest.cc. Olive rough-out Vaquero boots ($650), leddys.com. Smith Optics sunglasses ($179), howlerbros.com. Falcon Cove blanket ($269–$489), pendleton-usa.com.

RIGHT: Poppy Jasper longhorn medallion earrings ($289), weatheredsouljewelry.com. Colina Yazzie (Navajo) 5-strand spiny oyster necklace ($6,400), leotasindianart.com. Olive alligator cuff ($225), casadelriocollection.com. Ranna Gill embroidered tulle dress ($275) and Old Gringo Mayra boots ($510), maverickwesternwear.com. 

2022 Spring Fashion Shoot

ON HIM: American Hat Company 40X Tuscan felt hat ($509.95), besthatstore.com. Camp Aloha shirt ($54.99), cinchjeans.com. Wrangler retro khakis (C&I’s own). Coyote Brown Rebel Pro Lite boots ($201), durangoboots.com.

ON HER: Tatum Skeets (Navajo) Kingman turquoise earrings ($250), nationalcowboymuseum.org. Naja with turquoise bolo ($320), wyominghome.com. Jacquard bomber jacket ($359), pendleton-usa.com. Red tank top (C&I’s own). Kingman turquoise repousse leather cuff ($515), kirpachbrayclets.com. Hannah flare jeans ($79.99), cinchjeans.com. Olive rough-out Vaquero boots ($650), leddys.com.

2022 Spring Fashion Shoot

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP RIGHT: Blue Valentina shoulder bag ($349), wildlacebeadwork.com. Men’s Southwest jacket (contact for price), scullyleather.com. Carved bone and bison fur bolo ($125) and quartz and bison fur bolo ($125), mtbisonfashionfurs.com. Daisy Collection tooled leather clutch ($247.50), doublejsaddlery.com. Lakota Sunset wool tote ($75), objectsofbeauty.com. Red stone and bison fur bolo ($125), mtbisonfashionfur.com. Bullhide royal blue felt hat ($76), nathaliesantafe.com.

2022 Spring Fashion Shoot

ON LEFT: 4 Crosses turquoise necklace ($745), ldpdoreenvillanuevajewelry.com. Highlander White Buffalo squash blossom ($4,999), callicosilver.com. Tatum Skeets (Navajo) Kingman turquoise lariat necklace ($2,950), nationalcowboymuseum.org. Gypsy Dance buckskin dress ($2,700), montanadreamwear.com. Cuoieria Victoria saddle bag ($285), leddys.com. Liberty Black Brandy metallic gold boots ($230), texasbootcompany.com.

ON RIGHT: Native American Made Emerald Valley turquoise lariat necklace ($1,699), traditiontco.com. Stephan Nez (Navajo) Kingman turquoise cluster necklace ($4,495), hippiecowgirlcouture.com. Pink deer hide cape (contact for price) and twisted fringe skirt ($950), helgasdesign.com. Pink tank top (C&I’s own). Diamond Peak sterling silver cuff ($1,500), sorrelsky.com. Kingman turquoise crocodile bracelet ($475), lauraingallsdesigns.com. Magenta boots ($545), cantyboots.com.

2022 Spring Fashion Shoot

Azura washed lambskin leather jacket ($299), overland.com. Royston turquoise and spiny oyster squash blossom ($4,999), callicosilver.com. White tank top (C&I’s own). Orange silk wild rag ($54), cowboyimages.com. Custom Lakota Sue tall top boots ($4,450), rocketbuster.com.

ON HER: Bullhide red felt hat ($85), nathaliesantafe.com. Cowboy Collectibles Sedona tassel earrings ($20), myriderlife.com. Vintage mother-of-pearl squash blossom ($899), traditiontco.com. Outlaw Soaps vintage-inspired dress ($88), acleverdisguise.com. Nevada fire opal bracelet ($4,812), nationalcowboymuseum.org. Cowboy Collectibles Sedona pearl bracelet ($30), myriderlife.com. Rockstar Cowgirl Heading West French suede boots ($2,390), falconhead.com.
ON HIM: Crosscut snap shirt ($89), howlerbros.com. Wrangler jeans (C&I’s own). The Johnny honey suede boots ($255), tecovas.com.

Fashion Styling: Amy Moorhouse

Product Styling: Lanelle Corbin

Hair & Makeup Styling: Kate Conkey/The Campbell Agency

 Models: Jalane Gilbert, Saije Herrera, Jonathan Niziol/The Campbell Agency

From our April 2022 issue

Photography: Mike D’Avello