Shop Our Favorite Fine Jewelry for Men to Wear in 2021

Shop Our Favorite Fine Jewelry for Men to Wear in 2021

Dark times often provoke a contrastingly bright response. Take the roaring ‘20s, for example. After World War 1 and the 1918 Flu pandemic had wreaked havoc globally, the 1920s saw a cultural boom.

From the uptake and fast development of cars and TVs to flapper style and the wonders of Art Deco, the ‘20s saw the world heave a breath of relief and the effect went down in history as one of the most glamorous periods ever.

Well, it just so happens that we’re back in the ‘20s (a century on) and as we emerge from a dark period, we’re thinking it might be time to treat ourselves to a touch of sparkle. Naturally, we turned to MR PORTER’s fine jewellery category.

It’s healthy to treat yourself now and again, especially after the year or two we all just experienced. With the help of MR PORTER’s Fine Jewelry campaign, we’re hoping to bring a literal shine to the coming years with a piece of fine jewelry to counteract the gloom. From diamonds to 18-karat gold, we’ve formulated a shopping list of fine jewelry for the ages.

As we move tentatively into the roaring ’20s V2, each of these pieces is a symbolic congratulations for making it, and a reminder to always see the brighter side.

Shop our favorite bits of fine jewelry from MR PORTER below.

Shay Link Ring

Featuring a triple-blacked diamond pavé setting as its focus, this blackened-gold and ceramic ring from Shay might not be the bright highlight you were expecting to usher in the roaring ’20s with, but it certainly doesn’t lack glamour.

Spinelli Kilcollin Atlantis Bracelet

Spinelli Kilcollin is all about making a statement which puts it in prime position for a spot on your wrist. The Atlantis Bracelet looks to mismatched chain links to draw attention. A delicate rose-gold wrap to the T-bar fastening is a subtle finishing touch.

Maor The Equinox Ring

Maor’s Equinox Ring puts designer Maor Cohen’s fascination with the cosmos into the spotlight. Crafted from white gold, the ring features two distinct sections connected at the shoulder with contrasting links.

Eéra Key Necklace

For the longest time, fine jewelry meant tradition and constraint. Now, we’ve entered an era of massive creativity within the category. This diamond-embellished, white-gold chain boasts a PVD-covered silver key as its eye-catching focus.

Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Julius Cuff

Crafted by father-daughter duo Ole and Charlotte Lynggaard as a Christmas gift for Ole’s son Julius, the Julius Cuff is truly a family affair. Fine jewelry is made all the more special when it tells a story and this piece epitomizes that.

Foundrae Sister Hook Necklace

Foundrae’s handmade Sister Hook Necklace features two clasps which allow the piece to be worn as a necklace or wrap-around bracelet. There’s nothing showy about this piece, just a beautiful, artisanal work of fine jewelry. One for the purists.

Luis Morais Diamond Necklace

Made from 14-karat gold and set with baguette-cut diamonds, Luis Morais’ Diamond Necklace pits restraint against out-there glamour. While it’s minimal enough to layer with other chains, it will almost certainly steal the show.

Le Gramme 1.3g Single Earring

Le Gramme’s signature precision might suggest that these pieces are made in labs or by machinery. They’re actually made in a French workshop. This unimposing hoop earring hugs the earlobe and features Le Gramme branding and the product’s weight marking as its only detailing.

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