Marcell Von Berlin Launches First-Ever Fashion Show In Hollywood

Marcell Von Berlin Launches First-Ever Fashion Show In Hollywood

What draws customers to fashion is the dream of authenticity, passion, vision and self-expression. To be a progressive designer reaching for the global marketplace, the thrill of an energetic experience is highly contagious amongst the fashion cognoscenti. More to the point, the fashion customer of today is all about freedom to indulge and expression in movement. In short, the consumer today is seeking apparel that is user-friendly to keep up with the rapid pace of society

The designer label MARCELL VON BERLIN has its finger on the pulse by building upon progressive looks by creating stand-out silhouettes and statement prints that flow easily into the global consumer marketplace. Based in Berlin, the brand embodies high-octane energy expressing style in a fresh way and individualistic approach.

The brands recipe for success, both personally and professionally, is based on designer Marcell Pustul who has a laser-focus for experimentation with an air of nonchalance. Born in Poland in 1987, Pustul was quick to discover his desire to become a fashion designer. In fact, at the age of seventeen, he set out for New York City, where he studied fashion design Parsons School Of Design. After apprenticing for a few well-known designer brands he founded MARCELL VON BERLIN. The atelier and design studio are located in the Berlin flagship store, where he oversees each step of the process, from the first design to the finished product. And given the fast-paced global environment of today, Pustul currently lives and works in Berlin and Los Angeles respectively.

Upon meeting Marcel, I found him to be both pragmatic and indulgent. Having worked at Forbes Media for many years, I have discovered that this is the secret sauce of a successful entrepreneur in today’s highly competitive marketplace. In fact, it is these contrasting forces that create the first sparks that fuel-the-fire of creativity.

Make no bones about it, fashion and communication have gone global. More to the point, the speed of change has been increasing exponentially to the point where I am finding it challenging to keep up to the pace in my fashion journalism. In a time of season-less fashion and broken-down rules of style, creativity takes on a whole new meaning. Mankind is plugged into the same information – given to them seemingly at the speed of light. Since so many brands are taking bits and pieces from the competition, it is refreshing to see creators moving into new frontiers of style.

Today, MARCELL VON BERLIN Spring/Summer 2022 runway show debuts in Los Angeles. The highly anticipated runway show will host 300 guests including high-profile celebrities, fashion and lifestyle editors, international stylists and many more exciting tastemakers. The collection will be presented at James Goldstein Residence where an abundant number of fashion editors (including myself) have shot fashion editorial.

The show will be exciting to see as MARCELL VON BERLIN’s unconventional and bold designs are popular with high-profile celebrities including amongst others, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Maluma.

At the beginning of 2018, the brand was relaunched, and since then has expanded nationally and internationally. In fact, today, the brand maintains two brick-and- mortar flagship stores located in Berlin and Los Angeles and continues to grow.

I recently had the privilege of speaking with Marcell Von Berlin designer and creative director Marcel Pustel about why the most important thing for him is freedom to embrace your personality and express your individuality without rules, why he believes gender doesn’t need to dictate the way people dress and about why an abundant number of celebrities, fashion editors and top-influencers are thrilled to attend the first-ever runway fashion show tonight in Los Angeles!

Joseph DeAcetis: Talk to Forbes about the design philosophy within the SS 22 MARCELL VON BERLIN collection?

Marcel: The Spring/Summer 2022 Collection is a lot about shape, silhouettes and volume. I was inspired by the 80s, one of the most eclectic decades in fashion. From shoulder pads, power suits, puffy sleeves and high-waisted jeans – old favorites are back again.

JD: In your words, describe how the current product offerings are considered progressive looks that are designed today’s consumer? 

Marcel: Marcell von Berlin clothing appeals to the independent, self-confident individual who is not typically trendy, but aspires to be conspicuous out in the streets. My main goal is to create quality wardrobe staples mixed with pieces that will standout and are progressive. For example by using distinct fabrics and pairing pieces like knitwear with tailored blazers.

JD: How is the brand focusing-in on today’s consumers preferences of individuality as well as their unique desires of self-expression? 

Marcel: The most important thing for me is that you have the freedom to embrace your personality and express your individuality without rules. To be who you want to be and create your own style. This is not a matter of course in many countries and cultures. That’s why my designs were always about empowerment and self-expression.

JD: Designing for both men and women in a customer-centric era, how do you intend to develop a balance between both collections while maintaining individualism and self-expression for each gender?

Marcel: The menswear collection is an extension of the women’s wardrobe. But for me gender doesn’t need to dictate the way people dress or in what section you go shopping. Many Marcell von Berlin pieces can be worn unisex. It’s more about choosing clothes as an individual rather than based on your gender.

JD: Talk to Forbes about the specific craftsmanship involved in creating MARCELL VON BERLIN custom-made couture pieces?

Marcel: Couture is something special to me, a craft with love for detail. Which is why I created many couture collections over the last years. Meanwhile, I only create custom made couture pieces on demand. Many celebrities are now our best customers, because who doesn’t want to own clothes that are unique in the world and created just for you?

 JD: Given your growing celebrity audience (Lady Gaga, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Maluma), will be anticipating an energetic show that will take-on Hollywood in the new era?

Marcel: It is my first fashion show in this size and range. I really appreciate everything I have achieved so far and feel honored that we have been able to build such a large following over the years. If someone would have told me that 10 years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it myself.

JD: Talk to Forbes about why the brand relaunched in 2018 and why do you believe that the flagship (brick & mortar) stores still remain relevant in the fast-paced world of online shopping?

Marcel: I’ve been evolving, and so the brand has also continued to mature, which is why a relaunch was the next step forward. Nowadays flagships stores act more as showrooms or concept stores for the brand. They visually embody the brand’s image, spirit or core identity which is why they are still important.