Learn entertaining, vibrant jewelry by Boulo

Learn entertaining, vibrant jewelry by Boulo

Learn these entertaining and colourful jewelry pieces

Boulo delivers vibrant jewellery to vivid lifestyle in a glowing new selection

Vibrant jewellery codes abound in Boulo’s fine jewellery. Jewelry designer Begüm Tiryaki Uyulur, who launched her brand in 2020, puts the emphasis on precious stones in a rainbow of hues for jewellery that will just take you by way of the festive period and past.

‘This selection is the initially stage in receiving to know myself as a designer,’ Tiryaki Uyulur tells us. ‘Self-awareness and obtaining to know by yourself is a never-ending, hard, and bumpy street and when it arrives to feelings and activities by means of that path, to me, almost nothing is linear, black or white. For this motive, this collection reflects that non-straight, natural and organic journey that doesn’t normally demonstrate linear expansion. In particular, even though creating the “Shapeless” ring, I wished to venture our at any time-transforming thoughts. No make any difference how chaotic and messy our feelings and encounters may feel sometimes, these are the paths the universe made for us, which truly look aesthetically satisfying when considered from afar.’

Colourful jewelry that’s wearable and entertaining

The collection demonstrates this journey in tactile kinds of gold, with vibrant stones established into their undulating surfaces. In other pieces, curves and loops draw symbols, this kind of as the Evil Eye, which become playful earrings. Angular earrings, when worn perched on top of the ear, could be mistaken for seductive and intricately embellished hair jewellery.

The resulting aesthetic is authentic, enjoyment and wearable. ‘I think if an individual has a one of a kind design, it is not ideal to explain it as “good” or “bad”. To dress in what you want, just can’t be good or undesirable, it just wants to be appreciated,’ muses Tiryaki Uyulur. ‘In a globe where by it is not simple to express yourself by dresses, jewellery and components, perhaps I wished to colourfully applaud those who succeeded. That is why I desired to produce exclusive and statement designs for those who request the uncommon. When I found Boulo, I promised to layout statement, unordinary parts that aren’t uncovered just about everywhere. Each and every soul is exceptional, and my intention must be to give that as a experience when Boulo is worn. The globe does not need one more jewelry manufacturer that does hoops and ear studs.’

She crafted her pieces in a tiny atelier in Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, planning the 1st collection for the duration of the pandemic when she was not capable to vacation to Turkey. ‘It was really complicated to connect with the team on the internet all the time,’ she claims.

‘The second greatest challenge would be the competitiveness. You commence a model imagining you are doing anything pretty special, you have a whole lot to notify the earth, you have a vision you want to exhibit, but the industry is incredibly crowded to do so, and not automatically with exclusive models. But I feel after you target on what you believe and just preserve heading, you get seen.’ §