Inside Myla Boutique, a new shop on Perkins Road

Inside Myla Boutique, a new shop on Perkins Road

Inside Myla Boutique, a new shop on Perkins Road

Have you been wondering lately about that new pink building on Perkins Road? The former Subway location near the College Drive intersection has gone through a major upgrade and is now the  home of Myla Boutique, a women’s and girls’ clothing store that opened this past Saturday, Oct. 2. 

Jamie Jones, the shop’s owner, says the boutique has been in the works for about two years. After signing the lease May 1, Jones got to work gutting out the Subway green and getting rid of the fast-food restaurant smell. The shop was then painted pink, which she says made a lot of passersby wonder what it was going to become.

“I’m glad we painted the building pink because that’s what a lot of people have commented on,” Jones says. “It’s such a curiosity when you’re driving past. I love pink because it’s girly, but I really did it because my mom had breast cancer, so I just went with that.”

Inside the pink walls, Myla Boutique carries a wide variety of clothes for all ages. Jones says she wanted to open a store where she could shop along with her two daughters. The store’s name is a nod to her daughters, too. Myla is a combination of their names: Mya and Lana. Jones involved her two daughters in deciding what items would grace the racks and shelves of her boutique. 

“I chose stuff for me, and my 22-year-old daughter chose a few pieces for her age group,” Jones says. “My 9-year-old even chose some clothes and toys, too. It’s a wide range. I wanted it to be a store where I could walk in and say, ‘I like this,’ and my daughters could do the same.”

Jones says her daughters help her cater to a larger audience. For example, Jones runs the Facebook account geared more toward her age group, while her college-age daughter is in charge of the Instagram account. The result is a shopping experience that is perfect for women and girls of all ages. 

Myla Boutique owner Jamie Jones with her daughter, Mya (on left)

Though the store is only 500 square feet, Myla Boutique has a plethora of tops, bottoms and accessories. Jones says she did research by going to a lot of boutiques in the area. She wanted to see how they utilized space, what kind of music they played and how they displayed their products. 

“It’s definitely a seasonal store,” Jones says. “I’ve bought from over 200 vendors to get a large variety. You can find something to wear to church or wear to a date night all in one store.”

In the few days since its opening, Jones says the shop has already felt like a great success. People visited who heard about the store opening, and others stopped by who just wanted to see what the pink building was like inside. 

In the future, Jones says you can expect a rotation of different styles based on the season. Right now, she has plenty of Christmas and holiday pieces that will be released soon. A website is also in the works, but you can stay updated via Instagram or Facebook. Myla Boutique is at 4631 Perkins Road.

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Inside Myla Boutique, a new shop on Perkins Road