Home accessories to organize wet-weather gear for fall

Don’t let those muddy boots, wet shoes or soaked umbrellas clutter up your entryway. Organize them with a few key items.

For the first week of fall, we’ve sourced the most effective ways to store wet gear: rain boots, muddy sneakers, soaked coats, hats, scarves, you name it.

There are customizable PVC mats, modern wire umbrella stands, beech wood coat hangers and a smart door hanger with enough hooks for a whole mess of coats.


Etsy custom mat.

This PVC and “anti-fatigue” mat (it’s easier to stand for a long period of time) comes in eclectic patterns, with three different sizes to choose from. You can also request custom shapes. PVC is very easy to clean; it resists mould, making it an ideal material for a mat that sees a lot of foot traffic in the wet fall and winter. (Click through this gallery to see the patterns that coordinate with the letter for ordering.)

Who it’s ideal for: Someone who wants a mat that’s unique.

Why we’re endorsing it: Canadian retailer, design, durability of material.

Where it could use improvements: Because of the material, it may need 24 to 48 hours in an open space to air out.

Size/weight/dimensions: 17”-29”; 15.7”-47”; 23.6”-35”.


Anthropologie umbrella stand.

If design is the priority, this matching set on Anthropologie is unique and delicate. The hexagon-shaped wire umbrella stand has intricate details and the matching shoe tray is probably not great for snowy days, but it’s a presentable option for guest shoes.

Who it’s ideal for: Anyone looking for a stylish matching set.

Why we’re endorsing it: Design, originality.

Where it could use improvements: Tray has no details on whether or not it’s waterproof.

Size/weight/dimensions: 14.5″H x 9″L x 10″W (umbrella stand).


Sturdy shoe rack.

This no-nonsense shoe rack is a great option for a deck or garage because it can handle several pairs of muddy boots and shoes. The polypropylene is easy to clean and each tray holds up to 20 pounds per tier.

Who it’s ideal for: Anyone with heavy boots that need to be stored.

Why we’re endorsing it: Size, sturdiness, reviews.

Where it could use improvements: Not design-oriented.

Size/weight/dimensions: 25.5” x 12”.


Minimalist shoe rack.

Japanese home accessories line Yamazaki specializes in unobtrusive, smart-looking and functional pieces, like this expandable shoe rack. Made from alloy steel, it comes in white or black. It works for an entryway, spare room or closet.

Who it’s ideal for: Anyone with more shoes than closet space.

Why we’re endorsing it: Adjustable, more pieces can be added, functionality.

Where it could use improvements: Needs to be assembled.

Size/weight/dimensions: Four pounds, 15”=27.6” (expandable).

Nest umbrella stand.

From the same line is this elegant nest umbrella stand, which comes in black or white, is triple-coated to prevent rusting and includes a removable silicone mat that can be wiped down. 


Umbra door rack.

This modern Umbra door rack is minimalist and efficient. There are 14 ball hangers for coats, bags, masks and hats. It has two square hangers at the top (a hammer and nails are not required) and the balls are slightly offset so wet items are not hanging directly against a door. (Find it at Amazon or Indigo.)

Who it’s ideal for: Anyone looking to add more storage space in a tight space.

Why we’re endorsing it: Price, ease of use, design.

Where it could use improvements: Weight limit of items not specified.

Size/weight/dimensions:  2.25″ x 14.25″ x 14.25″.

Mid-century modern wall hanger.

For a similar design but with a pop of colour, this wall hanger has a weight capacity of 230 pounds. (After checking multiple retailers, we found the lowest price on Amazon.)


Industrial coat rack.

For an entryway that is always packed with stuff, this multi-level unit is made from iron and wood, has three shelves for shoes, two racks for coats/hats/scarves and a top bar that can be used for extra gear (like more hangers, scarves and umbrellas).

Who it’s ideal for: Anyone with a lot of stuff and space.

Why we’re endorsing it: Size, function, price.

Where it could use improvements: Some assembly required.

Size/weight/dimensions: 71.1 L x 33 W x 185.4H cm.


CB2 umbrella stand.

This CB2 umbrella stand is modern and minimalist, looks great against any kind of floor and can easily mix and match with busier decor pieces. The wire design allows for airflow so umbrellas can dry more quickly.

Who it’s ideal for: Anyone who likes stylish mix-and-match accessories.

Why we’re endorsing it: Brand trust, design, usability.

Where it could use improvements: On backorder until November.

Size/weight/dimensions: 9″ D x 20″ H.


Beech coat rack.

This tree-shape stand-up coat track is made from smooth beech wood. It comes in three pieces (the height is adjustable), has a three-leg base and up to eight hooks for hats, coats, scarves and bags.

Who it’s ideal for: Anyone looking for a simple design.

Why we’re endorsing it: User reviews, price,

Where it could use improvements: Needs to be put together (but tools not required).

Size/weight/dimensions: 16.9” x 68.9”.