Grand Team Thrift Boutique allows African property, university for orphans

Julie Smith, assistant manager at Grand Staff Thrift Boutique in Buhler, holds one of several jewelry options available as part of their Bangles for Blessings fundraiser, with donations going to the Shepherd's Care Home for children in Eswatini, Africa.

BUHLER — When an anonymous buyer dropped off far more than 200 bangles last month, the managers of Grand Workers Thrift Boutique made the decision to put the donation to fantastic use.

The keep, which supports a school and a residence for orphans and neglected youth in Eswatini, Africa, will use the cash gathered from the sale of the bangles and additional than 1,000 other jewelry things to help with their mission. They are contacting this task Bangles to Blessings, in honor of the donated bangles. 

Just about every consumer is questioned to decide the amount of income they will spend on each item of jewelry. That donation is put in a box. The revenue goes towards creating a new household for 12 much more youths in Eswatini. 

Eswatini, with a populace of about 1.5 million, was formerly regarded as Swaziland. The nation is a comparatively small landlocked kingdom in southern Africa. It borders South Africa and Mozambique.