Grand Island’s Railside district continues to grow as Boutique 29Eleven opens | Grand Island Local News

Another new business has recently opened in Grand Island’s growing Railside District.

Owners Carrie Kavan of St. Paul and Tiffany Curry of Albion have opened Boutique 29Eleven at 213 W. Third St. It’s their third store — they also have stores in St. Paul and Albion.

“We chose to come to the Railside District because it’s booming and we wanted to get in on that fun action,” Kavan said. “There are just a lot of new businesses and establishments. We thought no better time than now to join.”

The boutique’s name reflects Kavan’s and Curry’s favorite Bible verse, Jeremiah 29:11. In the store, there is a sign of the verse that blends into the old brick style look of the business.

Boutique 29Eleven

Boutique 29Eleven employee (L-R) Josie Ernstmeyer and, co-owner Tiffany Curry help a customer during their ribbon cutting opening Friday, March 25 at 213 W. Third Street in downtown Grand Island.

It reads: “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give your hope and a future.”

“Our faith is very important to us,” Kavan said. “Jeremiah 29:11 just happened to be our favorite Bible verse.”

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The two long-time friends were in the jewelry business before deciding to open up their first boutique in 2019.

“We’re both Nebraska natives,” Kavan said. “When we met, we were teachers. That was before we were in the jewelry business together.”

Curry said they both worked for Premier Jewelry out of their homes for nearly 30 years combined.

When they left the jewelry business they decided to open a boutique in 2019 in St. Paul. It was a learning experience for both Kavan and Curry in opening up their first independent business.

But as soon as they got their store up and running, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and Curry and Kavan had to improvise amongst the confusion the pandemic was creating for both consumers and small businesses.

But, Kavan said, the “pandemic gave us the ability to open another store.”

“We were able to still keep in business,” Curry said. “We’ve never really closed down our business at all during that time.”

If the public couldn’t come to the store because of the pandemic, Kavan and Curry decided to take their store to the public.

Boutique 29Eleven

This sign inside Boutique 29Eleven at 213 W, Third St. in downtown Grand Island isn’t just a verse, it’s the name of the business, and how owners TIffany Curry and Carrie Cavan do business.

“We purchased a mobile trailer,” Kavan said. It really kept us going through the pandemic. We took our clothing to people.”

Curry said a lot of people where uncomfortable coming to the store at that time, “but people were still willing to meet us with the mobile trailer because it was a small gathering.”

The mobile trailer is still active and carries their merchandise to selected gatherings.

The business did so well during 2020 that Curry and Kavan decided to open a second store in Albion in September of that year.

Boutique 29eleven specializes in women’s clothes, shoes and accessories.

They also have an online presence at

Boutique 29eleven caters to “Every age. Every size. Every style.” The clothing emphasizes the business casual look.

“We focus on small runs of multiple items,” Curry said. “Sometimes you may only get one item or you may receive multiple items. It rotates very quickly.”

That gives the store the freshness of having something new every week.

“We strive to provide women of all ages and all sizes with the tools that they need to build confidence and elevate their personal style with classic and trendy clothing and accessories,” Kavan said.

Beginning with their early careers of selling jewelry, Curry said the love serving women. Both Kavan and Curry said it is all about making women feel beautiful both inside and out.

Boutique 29Eleven

Boutique 29Eleven at 213 W. Third St. in downtown Grand Island.

“We love selling clothing, but people’s inner beauty is worth way more to us,” Curry said.

That philosophy is tied to the Bible verse the store is named for. It is about hope and the future.

And Boutique 29eleven is all about personal service.

“It is all about that personal touch — that the face to face,” Kavan said.

In the age of online ordering, personal service is still one of the essentials, Kavan said.

“Helping women, having them try it on is still very pertinent today,” she said.

Where they go next, Curry and Kavan said, is “God’s plan.”

“If He opens more doors, we’ll step through them, but for now we’re so happy,” Curry said.

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