Girl, 10, with passion for fashion opens boutique in Ferndale

Darlene A. White

Girls usually want to celebrate their birthdays with a sleepover, games of laser tag or a themed party, but for one 10-year-old who has a passion for fashion, a clothing boutique was the perfect gift.

The Pink Papillon Mommy and Me Showroom by Kyndal-Rai, 10, who recently opened a boutique in Ferndale.

Kyndal Rai Nowden recently opened a boutique with her mother called the Pink Papillon Mommy and Me Showroom by Kyndal Rai. The boutique, located at 624 Livernois in Ferndale, offers clothing for children, their mothers and other family members.

Kyndal’s mother,  Ravon Summers-Nowden, named the business.

“I had no part in the name of our business,” said Kyndal. “It would be Teal Papillion if it was up to me. That’s my favorite color. However, my mom chose Papillon. It means butterfly in French. My mom says it has been a blessing to watch me metamorphose into a beautiful butterfly and she is sure other moms feel like that watching their girls. She also says the pink represents love, femininity and strength. In my words, it’s pretty and girly.”

Ravon said wants the business to spread love and fashion while motivating and encouraging their customers to be their best selves and follow the entrepreneurship path. 

The Beverly Hills residents are no strangers to entrepreneurship. 

The Pink Papillon Mommy and Me Showroom by Kyndal Rai

“I come from a family of entrepreneurship,” Ravon said. “Both of my parents have been entrepreneurs my entire life and so are both of Kyndal’s parents. I think it will be great to let her experience entrepreneurship at a young age.

“I haven’t sat down to talk with Kyndal about entrepreneurship. It has literally been her life watching her parents and grandparents on the daily. My mom owned On Point Hair Salon for 20 years and my dad owned many restaurants. That is what prepared her.”