F Is For Freedom:Cool, Cult Ferragamo Accessories,The End Of Lockdown

FerragamoThe party season is finally here and this one has extra special significance in the post-pandemic world.

From chunky, daffodil yellow heels to sculptural mini-bags and statement sunglasses, Salvatore Ferragamo’s timeless accessories make for perfect investment pieces, ones which inject new life into your post-lockdown wardrobe.

Below, three GRAZIA editors take you through the must-have Ferragamo items to buy now as you style your own freedom wardrobe – your new social calendar will thank you.

FerragamoFerragamo F Sandal, $1290, SHOP NOW

“Ever since Ferragamo enlisted Camila Morrone as an ambassador for their iconic F-Heel, I’ve had the Sandal-version in my cart patiently awaiting the day I can take them for a spin. That day is today! The sculptured heel with butter-like Nappa leather is perfect for the office and a date night at Calita. While Camila’s choice is the closed-toe slingback, daffodil yellow is a sartorial synonym for this Australian summer.” – Jessica Bailey, editorial director  

FerragamoFerragamo Gancini Belt, $695, SHOP NOW

“An impressive belt is possibly the most versatile item you can have in your wardrobe. Obviously they can be worn multiple ways (through trousers, to cinch dresses, around shirts) but when they are of a supreme nature, like Ferragamo’s Gancini belt, they can become the unexpected hero of a look, too. Reversible and available in various colour combinations, this particular leather slimline cut is perfected by its subtle yet chic gold palladium insignia buckle. A bit like investing in a high end crossbody bag or a pair of superior sandals, a belt like this becomes an essential addition to a polished daily look. And, although post-lockdown it’s hard to remember what kind of apparel calls for such a thing as a belt, or how to decorate ourselves with anything other than a pair of wireless headphones, the time has arrived for us to be more than the sum of our sweatpants. For me, I’ll be taking baby steps. Stepping up the fleece with jeans and a t-shirt then revving it up with a tan and gold Gancini, a pair of slick slides and maybe even some clean hair. Let’s go crazy.” – Alissa Thomas, contributing fashion editor

FerragamoFerragamo Viva Ballet Flat, $1,050, SHOP NOW

“It seems sky-high heels have slowly seen a decline – both literally and figuratively – in the past years to make way for the modest block heel and more recently, the kitten heel. But be it thanks to the pandemic or perhaps our need to (finally) be comfortable, the classic ballet flat has made a valiant resurgence. For a near six-foot woman like myself, it’s a welcomed return to the runway and Salvatore Ferragamo has crafted the perfect iteration for any occasion. The high-shine Viva Ballet Flat is glitzy enough for evening cocktails out of lockdown and just pared back for a daytime soirée.” – Rebekah Clark, features writer

FerragamoFerragamo Studio Tote Bag, $5590, SHOP NOW

“If you know, you know. Read: If you’ve seen Wim Wenders’ fashion film for the Italian house, you’ve probably already eyed Ferragamo’s Studio Tote. The astronaut white fits in with the white/daffodil/forest green colour-way we’re seeing everywhere right now – and frankly, I can see myself boarding a plane with this bag my carry-on. Ah, aeroplanes. Remember them? While I feel a little anxious about the world opening up again, purchases like this one make it feel really exciting. Pack your bags, because our European summer adventures are finally a reality again.” – Jessica Bailey, editorial director

FerragamoFerragamo Trifolio Minibag, $1,150, SHOP NOW

“Perhaps not everything should be thought of in the context of life in lockdown but, right now, all fashion acquisitions seem like intentional additions to our imminent freedom. None more so that the super cute, ever fascinating, sculptural mini bag. What could scream I’m Going Out For Drinks Without The Kids more than a micro shoulder bag? The Ferragamo Trifolio Minibag is an accoutrement built for its own place at the best table at the best (finally open) restaurant in town. Perhaps it’s the colour and its likeness to the incomparable blues of the Mediterranean that’s particularly swaying me, or perhaps it’s because its size means it’s just for me and for a small moment I won’t reach into a bottomless swag full of old sandwiches and wet wipes. Both equally good reasons to swing it about, if you ask me.” – Alissa Thomas, contributing fashion editor

FerragamoFerragamon Gancini Credit Card Holder, $340, SHOP NOW

“As our affinity with the micro bag continues, it’s necessary to be armed with a sleek and petite credit card holder to match. My long and tireless search for the perfect iteration – pared back, big enough to hold the essential cards and room for a few notes of cash – has ended with the Ferragamo Gancini style. It is available in black and four other vibrant colourways and features an antique gold Gancini on the front, so you know you’re always carrying a little slice of luxury. Even in the smallest and impractical of bags.” – Rebekah Clark, features writer

FerragamoFerragamo Gancini Top Handle, $2990, SHOP NOW

“I’ve been searching for a classic black everyday top handle for months. I wanted a statement bag, without it being too much of a statement that it feels repetitive. A luxury item that makes an outfit, without being the focal point of the outfit. A bag that can come to a business meeting, but also one I can add a strap to and meet the girls at the bar. A bag that is a big enough to fit everything in but small enough to become a crossbody. Hello to this mini version of Ferragamo’s timeless top handle. Gancini they call her, and I’m in love.” – Jessica Bailey, editorial director

FerragamoFerragamo Sunglasses, $440, SHOP NOW

“If Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld and Elton John have taught me anything about style, it’s that a single pair of sunglasses can be a powerful force for identity. In this case of course, it’s important to choose a signature pair of sunglasses wisely. I’ve personally begun investing in timeless accessories that will not only transcend time and trends but last all the very thrills and spills of life. The Ferragamo AW/21 sunglasses are a universal fit and feature anti-UV and anti-scratch lenses. While you can never go past a solid black or tortoise acetate, the ivory iteration will truly suit any ensemble. Note to self: check the car seat before you sit.” – Rebekah Clark, features writer

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