Dior’s New Jewelry Collection Is Designed for Good Luck

For centuries throughout history, jewelry has been worn as ornamentation, a status symbol, or a talisman said to bring good fortune. In regard to the latter, luck, destiny, and amulets have forever been part of the house of Dior. Christian Dior was known to have carried a talisman himself, a lucky star, which he discovered on the grounds of his childhood home, Granville, on France’s northern coast. Dior’s star appears undoubtedly celestial, and like a compass with eight points, it’s an emblem intended to guide one in the right direction. The number eight is considered lucky in its own right, particularly in cultures where numerology plays a role in future planning. Others may interpret Dior’s star as a windmill, signifying the winds of change, adventure, and travel.

Will Vendramini

Will Vendramini

It was at his childhood home that Dior developed his love for gardens, flowers, and especially roses, his favorite flower. Those floral motifs, along with his lucky star—dubbed the rose des vents, or wind rose—informed his creativity and made repeat appearances in his collections.

Turquoise is said to bring about balance and wisdom to those who wear it.

Forever inspired by the founder of the house, Dior’s creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri tapped celestial iconography in full force for her debut collection in 2016, showcasing the many motifs of the zodiac. More recently, her spring 2021 haute couture season was a gloriously intensive study of the tarot deck. Victoire de Castellane’s fine jewelry for the house has long echoed Chiuri’s deep dive into the stars and Dior’s talismans, using the sun, moon, and stars as consistent themes. Most recently, de Castellane launched the Rose des Vents collection, aimed at highlighting the lucky star through various precious stones and metals, each channeling their own spiritual energy to the wearer.

Will Vendramini

Stack and layer these Rose des Vents talismans as your heart desires—and heed their energetic lessons and gifts when doing so. Opt for one of the collection’s mother-of-pearl pieces if you’re a Gemini, Virgo, or a Cancer. Mother-of-pearl is a symbol of craftsmanship, and The Magician, the tarot deck’s ultimate creator and orchestrator, is ruled by Gemini. The pearl’s oceanic quality makes it suit Cancers, who are known for their sensitivity. The stone is also a symbol of femininity and gentleness, making it ideal for both Cancer and Virgo, the most maternal and feminine signs in the zodiac.

Mother-of-pearl is a symbol of femininity and gentleness.

Keep your chart in mind and consider the energy your lucky symbol manifests for you. Tiger’s eye, a symbol of courage and integrity, would suit a Leo’s confident, brave leanings. Diamonds (although they suit any and everyone) are ideal for an Aries, symbolizing clarity and strength. Turn to turquoise if you’re a wisdom-seeking Sagittarius (personified by the centaur); turquoise is said to bring about balance and wisdom to those who wear it.

Will Vendramini

Will Vendramini

For those not looking to match their talisman directly to their stars, you can choose based on your heart’s desire: the rich, emerald shade of malachite symbolizes success; black onyx is said to bring about positivity; and lapis lazuli invites serenity and friendship into one’s life. De Castellane’s favorite stone, the pink opal, symbolizes love and protection.

Black onyx is said to bring about positivity.

Layering one good fortune on another can only serve to amplify the influence of each. The pieces within the Rose de Vents collection are designed to be worn in groups, whether as layered necklaces, stackable rings, or a selection of bracelets.

Will Vendramini

No matter how you wear the collection, the lucky star is a reminder of Dior’s enduring spirit of adventure (whether you follow its compass-like design or the cosmos themselves). Fittingly, the pieces’ versatility makes them ideal for travel—they pair as easily with denim as with evening dresses. And their talisman quality challenges the jewelry lover to follow their fate, tapping into the zest for life Dior stood for and which Chiuri and de Castellane emphasize to this day.

In contrast to an evil eye, meant to ward off bad spirits, consider these pieces your lifelong lucky charms, meant to guide you in the right direction—towards your destiny—in style.

All Clothing by Dior. Art Direction by Sonja Georgevich; Fashion Direction by Lauren Ingram; Styling by Cassie Anderson; Styling Assistance by Laynie Rouch; Hair by Eric Williams; Makeup by Laura Stiassni; Video by Steven Mastorelli; Production by Kevin Kushner.