Daniela Adamcova: Mystery woman found in Croatia believed to be jewellery designer

Daniela Adamcova: Mystery woman found in Croatia believed to be jewellery designer

A mystery woman found on a Croatian island is believed to be a jewellery maker whose designs have been worn by celebrities.

Police appealed to the public for help identifying the woman, who speaks perfect English, after she was found sitting on a remote outcrop on the island of Krk with cuts and bruises on her face and appearing to have lost her memory.

A rucksack and purse were reportedly found hundreds of metres away from where she was spotted, but nothing inside explained who she was or how she came to be there.

Friends claiming to know the woman have now named her as 56-year-old Daniela Adamcova, a Slovakian woman who has lived in both the US and Ireland.

She is said to have left the city of Trencin, in Czechoslovakia, in 1984 at the age of 19, and moved to the US where she enrolled in fashion school, according to a 2008 interview with the My Trencin newspaper.

She specialised in jewellery making and went on to make her own designs while working at a jewellery store, the newspaper said.

Her jewellery was worn by the likes of American singer and actress Barbra Streisand and French model Brigitte Bardot, while her designs also featured in the TV show Friends.

She also met her husband, a film producer, in the US, but they divorced in 2000 and she returned to Slovakia before later moving to Ireland.

Rescuers took the woman to a hospital in Rijeka


Croatian rescue services said the unknown woman had spent the night on the seashore near to Soline, a small village, and was found “exhausted and with light injuries and disoriented” on 12 September.

She was transferred to a hospital in the town of Rijeka after being found.

Police have described her condition as “stable” and say Croatian social services will take over once she is released from hospital care.

According to 24Sata, her backpack was found ten days after her rescue – but there was nothing in it that gave any clues towards her identity.

Firefighters told the news website it only contained some hygiene products and a purse that did not have any money or documents in it.

The items were reportedly found on the other side of the coast to where the woman was discovered, and after members of the public came forward with information, including that she had been seen with a backpack.

The woman was found with no memory, and with cuts and bruises to her face, on 12 September

(Croatian Police/AP)

Authorities shared an image of the woman with visible cuts on her face as they appealed for information about her identity.

She was described as being 5ft 4ins with blonde shoulder-length hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a dark blue shirt with white stripes, black trousers, trainers and a pink hat when she was found.

Police said they were conducting interviews with residents and tourists.

“A number of tips received from citizens in Croatia and from abroad about the identity of the person are being checked and investigated,” police said.

Primorje-Gorski Kotar police urged members of the public with information about the woman to call them, or to send an email to [email protected].

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