Christine Chiu Talks Fashion in ‘Bling Empire’ Season Two

A lot has happened since we left Christine Chiu at the end of season one of “Bling Empire.” The Netflix reality series follows a group of affluent Asians living in Los Angeles. After those episodes started streaming in January 2021 (having filmed through most of 2019), Chiu emerged as the fashion-obsessed haute couture collector, butting heads with socialite Anna Shay. The gang’s back together for round two, and the world is completely different. But some things stay the same.

The second season brings back Chiu, Shay, Kevin Kreider, Kim Lee, Kelly Mi Li, Kane Lim and Jamie Xie (Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee only appear in a few episodes, though they’re at the center of some of the drama depicted on screen), and introduces Dorothy Wang and Mimi Morris to the crew. It filmed throughout the summer of 2021, only a few months after the series debuted.