Cases, covers, straps, cleaner and more

Cases, covers, straps, cleaner and more

Cases, covers, straps, cleaner and more

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Anyone who’s ever had a fresh set of Apple AirPods rolling around in their bag or burning a hole in their pocket knows the simultaneous joy and fear involved with the purchase. You spent hundreds of dollars on your brand new AirPods—especially if you’re getting the latest AirPods Pro—and they’re so easy to lose. 

That’s why so many of the best AirPod accessories available today are designed to help keep your white earbuds safe and protected. People want their AirPods on their keychain, on a strap while they’re jogging or in a case that makes them hard to forget (or break.) Here are all of the AirPod accessories that will help you get the most out of your new buds.

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1. Apple AirTag Holder

Apple AirTag Holder.

Introduced just last year, Apple’s AirTag is a must have for anyone who would lose their head if it wasn’t attached to their neck. Pop one of the trackers into a stick-able holder—like these fruit-hued ones from Amazon—press it on the back of your AirPod case and boom! With a quick look at your phone, you’ll be able to find your AirPods if they’re ever lost, or even ask the sensor to emit a sound letting you know where they are. 

2. Magnetic Anti-Lost Straps for AirPods

Magnetic Anti-Lost Straps for AirPods.

Love your AirPods but hate the way they occasionally tumble from your ears during an especially strenuous workout? There’s a strap for that. Amazon users love this silicone strap, which uses magnets to lock the earbuds in place on a leash that wraps around your neck. If one pops out of your ear, you won’t have to stop and search the ground. Instead, just grab the end of the strap and pop it right back in. Amazon buyers say the four-pack is well “worth the money,” and that they work great.

Get the Magnetic Anti-Lost Straps for AirPods (4-Pack) from Amazon for $7.99

3. Mobosi Vanguard Armor Series AirPods Case Cover

Mobosi Vanguard Armor Series AirPods Case Cover

For a more rugged vibe for your AirPods, consider this Vanguard Armor series case, which is made with military designed materials and is compatible with regular AirPods. It’s anti-shock, anti-slip and anti-fingerprint. More than 18,000 Amazon shopper agree, saying it’s “sturdy” and “stylish” and rewarding it an average 4.8 stars. 

Get the Mobosi Vanguard Armor Series AirPods Case Cover from Amazon starting at $11.04

4. Silicone AirPods Case Cover

Silicone AirPods Case Cover.

With more than 90,000 reviews, this silicone AirPods case has an impressive average 4.6-star rating. It looks stylish, supports wireless charging and comes in a whopping 48 colors, from “Milk Tea” to “Bling Red.” It’s even got a loop on the side so it can be easily added to a keychain for extra convenience. And worry not—if you’re an AirPods Pro user, there’s a case for you, too. 

Get the R-Fun Silicone AirPods Case Cover from Amazon starting at $6.99

5. Proof Labs AirPods Pro Ear Hooks

Proof Labs AirPods Pro Ear Hooks

Try as they might, Apple hasn’t yet made a set of AirPods that fits absolutely every person in a perfectly comfortable fashion. Some people just struggle with their earbuds slipping, no matter what. Proof Labs ear hooks intend to solve that issue, by fitting any set of AirPods Pro into a durable silicone housing that helps them stay in place in your ears. They have more than 12,000 reviews, and shoppers say they enhance the AirPods’ noise-cancelling capabilities and that they can help keep AirPods in even when you’re sleeping.

Get the Proof Labs AirPods Pro Ear Hooks (3-Pack) from Amazon for $12.95

6. AirSquares Earbud Cleaning Putty

AirSquares Earbud Cleaning Putty.

AirPods can get pretty gross. It’s understandable: They sit in your ears all day, can never really be around water or soap, and somehow manage to pick up every little bit of dust nearby. That’s why AirPods owners should pick up a pack of AirSquares cleaning putty, which forms around an individual AirPod and pulls away all the dirt, ear wax, gunk and whatever else lingers. AirSquares says the putty should make your AirPods look cleaner, as well as help them pair easier with other devices and “instantly restore sound quality.”  

Get AirSquares Earbud Cleaning Putty (12-Pack) from Amazon for $11.99

7. Wireless AirPods Charger

Wireless AirPods Pro Charger

Most of the newer AirPods models can be charged wirelessly, which is incredible. Take stylish advantage of that capability with the Future Charger, which can safely charge both traditional AirPods and AirPods Pro while also providing a place for the Pods to land. After all, if this is at your bedside or on your entryway table, putting the case in for a charge could become second nature fairly easily. It comes in four colors, including a pretty seafoam green. 

Get the Wireless AirPods Pro Charger from Amazon for $14.99

8. Vaseline AirPods Case Cover

Vaseline AirPods Case Cover

Here’s one for everyone who’s into cute tech accessories or who’s looking for a way to keep potential thieves from knowing your keychain is toting more than just keys. This sneaky AirPods Pro case looks just like a tiny tub of Vaseline, complete with the traditional blue label. It’s made of silicone, comes with a keychain hook, and opens just under the Vaseline’s “lid.” Anyone not in the know could think the owner of this case is just incredibly vigilant about chapped lips and hands.

Get the Vaseline AirPods Pro Case Cover from Amazon for $10.59

9. Simr Skin with Dinosaur Keychain

Simr Skin with Dinosaur Keychain

Half AirPods case, half goofy dinosaur keychain, this quirky item comes in five fun colors. It makes a great gift for friends, moms, kids or anyone who loves dinos, and it has a lifetime warranty, so if there’s ever any issue, “we will send you a new one right away without any cost or money back.” The case is made of silicone to protect your AirPods and reviewers say it’s surprisingly durable.

Get the Simr Skin with Dinosaur Keychain from Amazon starting at $8.98

10. Cat AirPods Holder

Cat AirPods Holder

One of the weirder AirPods accessories on Amazon is also one of the most beloved. Available in black or white, this little cat figurine holds a set of AirPods—loose, with no case—in its magnetic paws, making for an absolutely adorable desk tchotchke. “One of the most useless things I’ve ever bought and I have zero regrets!” one reviewer writes. “This serves no purpose other than to bring joy and happiness to all.” 

Get the Cat AirPods Holder from Amazon starting at $7.85

11. Smythson Envelope AirPods Case

Smythson Envelope AirPods Case

Anyone with a taste for the finer things, this one’s for you. Smythson makes a beautiful calf leather AirPod Pro case, complete with a press snap closure and removable loop strap. It’s available in a few lovely colors—we’re partial to Nile Blue—and can even be personalized for a small additional charge. It’s not cheap, but neither were your AirPods.

Get the Envelope AirPods Case from Smythson for $195

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