Best accessories for Mac Studio 2022

Best accessories for Mac Studio 2022

accessories for Mac Studio

The Mac Studio represents perhaps the most exciting new product Apple has launched in years. Featuring either an Apple M1 Pro or Apple M1 Ultra system-on-a-chip, the boxy computer is one powerful device. Unfortunately, it doesn’t ship with even the minimum accessories such as a monitor, keyboard, or mouse. Here are our favorite accessories for Apple’s newest Mac. Enjoy.

Apple Studio Display

Gorgeous display:
All-new Apple Studio Display

Staff Pick

We love the all-new 27-inch Apple Studio Display, which offers three USB-C ports you can use for various purposes. There’s also a Thunderbolt port to connect with a single cable. This monitor offers a 5120-by-2800 resolution at 218 pixels per inch. Use it with the Mac Studio — or any other Mac.

  • From $1,600 at Apple
  • From $1,600 at Best Buy

Magic Mouse Black

Black or white?:
Apple Magic Mouse

Apple’s iconic Magic Mouse still comes with its charging port at the bottom, much to the chagrin of many. And yet, it’s still magical when in use. For Mac Studio, Apple has introduced a black version to go with the white option. Regardless of the color, the Magic Mouse offers an optimized foot design that lets it glide smoothly across a desk or another flat surface.

Mac Studio Shield Case

New entry:
Waterfield Mac Studio Shield Case

Protect your excellent new Mac Studio with this portable and sturdy case from San Francisco’s Waterfield. Choose from various styles and choose a matching suspension strap. Each option is lined in ultra-soft material that’s surrounded by foam padding.

From $129 at Waterfield

Magic Keyboard Black

Your type?:
Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Numeric Keypad

The Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Numeric Keypad is comfortable and offers a precise typing experience. It’s wireless, rechargeable, and only needs more juice once every month. In addition, this keyboard provides an extended layout with document navigation controls for quick scrolling and full-size arrow keys, which are ideally suited for gaming.

Airpods Max In Pink Cropped

Just listen:
Apple AirPods Max

Apple’s best headphones should go with its best Mac, no? Available in five beautiful colors, the AirPods Max provides Active Noise Cancellation, a transparency mode, and much more. Inside is an Apple H1 chip to create a listening experience like no other.

Apple Magic Trackpad Black

An extra you need:
Apple Magic Trackpad

Like the Magic Mouse, the Magic Trackpad is now available in black or white. Wireless and rechargeable, the accessory offers the full range of Multi-Touch gestures and Force Touch technology. In addition, the Magic Trackpad automatically pairs with your Mac, so it’s easy to let the fun (or work) begin.

Apple Airpods Pro

Private audio:
AirPods Pro by Apple

If you prefer to listen to your audio through headphones instead of speakers, pick up Apple’s AirPods Pro. Not only is the audio great, but it can switch seamlessly between your Mac and your iPhone when you do. In addition, active noise canceling means you won’t be disturbed by distracting outside noises.

Apple Pro Display

You know you want it:
Pro Display XDR

When money is no object, it’s time to buy the Pro Display XDR. Perfectly paired with the Mac Studio, the 32-inch 6K Retina display comes with standard or nano-textured glass and your choice of stands. Yes, this is expensive, but aren’t you worth it?

Apple SuperDrive

If you need an optical drive:
Apple USB SuperDrive

The USB SuperDrive gives you an optical drive for your Mac if you need it. Connect it via USB-A (a USB-C hub is required for USB-C Macs).

Look at that

The Mac Studio is Cupertino’s newest computer. Despite its excellent internals, the machine wouldn’t be all that valuable unless you purchase some essential accessories. Our favorite is the all-new Studio Display. It’s a 27-inch 5K Retina display with a 5120-by-2880 resolution at 218 pixels per inch. If you can take a step up, consider the 6K Retina Pro Display XDR. It’s an accessory that might set you back more than the computer!

Beyond this, we also recommend the AirPods Max, AirPods Pro, and other fabulous accessories for the Mac Studio.

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