6 Etsy accessories to add flair to any closet

6 Etsy accessories to add flair to any closet

Even though the weather hasn’t budged much from the summer heat, the leaves have started falling. Now it’s time to update the closet with some fresh accessories. Though many of the trends from the past couple of seasons seem to be sticking around, it is always a good idea to add some new pieces every once in a while.

A face-lift for your current accessories can be quite pricey, however, Etsy has your back with affordable pricing and in return, shoppers are able to support small businesses. 

Here are six Etsy essentials available for purchase: 

Contemporary pearls

In the ‘50s it was essential to own a perfect pearl necklace. Jewelers are now trying to modernize them so they aren’t just a strand of “your grandmother’s pearls.” Today, there is a rise in special personalization and organic shapes with these dainty chokers. 

Etsy shops are putting a twist on pearls by adding anything from Y2K-inspired beads, flower charms to initials and so many more other unique elements. It is also stylish to use freshwater or naturally shaped pearls to adorn your neck.

Shop this 14-inch choker from JewlleryByFerns, priced at only $15.64.

Shoe jewelry

Over the summer Nike launched its Air Force 1 Shadow in a summery yellow color with a little bling on the iconic swoosh. Customers have been adding personalization to the Nike charm on the bottom of the laces for some time, however, now jewelry has expanded to the sides of the shoes and other shoes like boots and other sneakers.

The trend of charm chains is fairly new, yet there are plenty of styles to shop from on Etsy. Some of the most popular styles are flashy Y2K beads, butterflies, chains with pearls and even vintage pieces.

Shop this charm chain from Vonannie, priced at $10.76.

Chains, chains and more chains

Streetwear culture has kept a tight grip on chains since the growth of Hip Hop in the 70s. Chains have been a staple for many since then, but only now is the fashion community jumping on the cultural trend. 

Currently, many are following and creating everything with chains. Chains are now being styled in various ways such as acrylic barrettes, earrings, chunky chain necklaces, rings, layering necklaces and so many more accessories, proving their versatility. 

Shop this chain ring from JewelVers, priced at $19.99.

Claw clips

Claw clips have been popular for some time now, but this season, new claw clip styles have been adopted. There have been a lot of the typical, large-sized, same-colored clips from Amazon; now it is time to spice up your collection. 

On Etsy, you can find a large variety of claw clips, some of the best styles being checkerboard, cat eye stones on metal bases, wavy shapes, matte finishes and fall colors. These are all perfect choices to switch out your summer candy colors.

Shop this three-pack of wavy clips from LoveLinax, priced at $12.00.

Chunky rings

All the rage this year is nostalgic, chunky, colorful rings. Many can remember the chunky heart rings from the late 90s and early 2000s, but now everyone is wearing them from Bella Hadid to Dua Lipa. 

Y2K has slowly taken over many aspects of fashion and these rings are no exception. Try to mix materials like resin, clay and metals to create a unique look, or you can mix and match bright colors with your fall favorites. 

Shop this two-piece set from VintageShopToday, priced at $10.58.

Silk head scarfs

One of Audrey Hepburn’s most iconic accessories is finally making a comeback. Madonna popularized them after her “Material Girl” music video in In 1984, and then, streetwear culture adopted the bandana in the early 2000s the staple has been making a slow comeback. 

The item is so versatile there is a whole section of TikTok dedicated to their flexibility. The scarf can be used as a sleeveless top, belt or an ascot to cover-up a bad hair day or tied around a bun to add an extra splash of color.

Shop this color block silk scarf from EndeerShop priced, at $8.95.


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