4 Websites and Apps To Check Out for Major Holiday Shopping Savings

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The holiday season is upon us, and with it, the urgency to get gifts for everyone on your list. No matter how big or small your list, spending around the holidays can get pretty overwhelming, and the consistent impact of inflation is not helping. Thankfully, shopping online can lead to numerous savings.

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A recent GOBankingRates survey found that most Americans (54%) are planning to do the majority of their holiday shopping online. If you’re planning to surf the web for steals, here are the best websites and apps to score major savings.


Since spending is on the agenda anyway, why not earn some cash back while you’re at it? Ibotta allows shoppers to earn cash back on everyday purchases by uploading receipts and claiming different offers from a variety of stores. Ibotta is available as an app and a browser extension, so it’s there for you however you shop. The app is free to use, so it won’t even bite into your holiday budget.


When it comes to coupons and promo codes, online stores have them in spades. But unfortunately for most, you may not always know about them, especially if you don’t visit that store’s site much. Here’s where RetailMeNot comes in handy. Not only does the website compile and display that day’s deals available at different stores, but they also have a collection of promo codes you can use before you checkout.

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Paypal Honey

Honey is another free browser extension that helps save you money. This website collects and compiles promo codes for a wide variety of stores and pops up just before you checkout to let you know if there’s potential savings available. Because Honey is just a part of your browser, it works automatically as you shop, and inputs those promo codes for you. And as you shop, you’ll rack up reward points that you can redeem for cashback, giftcards or shopping credit. 


Sometimes, the sheer number of sales, deals and discounts can be hard to navigate. DealNews makes it easy by having a list of all the sales available each day. Shoppers can filter sales by category, store and brand, making it easier to see the ones that are relevant to them. If you decide to create a profile, you can get even more detailed with your shopping interests and prevent wading through a bunch of discounts you don’t plan to use.

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