16 accessories for fall 2021 trends, according to stylists

Accessories are an easy way to elevate any outfit. As we start to turn over our wardrobes in preparation for fall, don’t forget to do the same with your accessories to reflect the season’s trends!

Stylist Gloria Cospito says this year’s jewelry trends mirror the larger fashion trends we’ve been seeing of bright neons and saturated colors, alongside the revival of ’60s fashion that features funky patterns and whimsical designs. Personal stylist Gianna Nucci shared similar sentiments, adding that we’ll be seeing bolder colors, chunky styles and stacked pieces on the jewelry scene.

“This trend feels right for 2021, where we are dressing for the joy of it, not the status,” Cospito told Shop TODAY. “In this new era of dress, sporting updates of the loud Spice Girls fashion we loved in the ’90s makes perfect sense. It’s a way to clothe ourselves in nostalgia and fun.”

After well over a year spent in sweatpants and comfortable loungewear, Cospito noted that there’s two camps of people out there: those who glam up for every event and those who never want to wear real pants again. “I’m very excited for the range of fashion that we’re going to see this year in fall/winter,” she said.

While there’s bound to be a range of styles coming out next season, Cospito is glad to be done with one: the sleek look. “The past way of dressing of trying to be like ‘Well I’m trying to elongate… What’s flattering? What’s slimming?’, thank God we’ve thrown that out the window. It’s more about [accessories] being a cool statement piece that I feel great in; that I can walk and actually live my life in, but then also it’s almost like an art piece on it’s own,” she said.

Accessories for fall trends, according to stylists

Monochrome Rings

Cospito recommends these monochrome rings from BONBONWHIM, a brand she says is “leading the charge in this jewelry trend” of channeling vintage styles.

“I feel like this summer we saw so many of the candy rings and that’s kind of trickling into fall,” stylist and fashion editor Audree Kate Lopez told us.

La Manso Sweet Violeta Ring

Cospito also recommended this transparent ring for an acrylic style. Each ring is individually handcrafted for a look that is unique to your personality and aesthetic.

Retro Colorful Resin Rings

Embrace the retro resin ring look with this bestselling four-piece set from Etsy seller VintageShopToday. Several reviewers raved about how cute and durable these minimalist rings are. Not feeling green? You can choose from seven other colors.

Pura Vida Meadow Ring Stack

Nucci mentioned stackable jewelry as a hot accessory trend this season. If you want to keep it simple, try these ring stacks from Pura Vida. They come with three different ring styles and the sets are available in both rose gold and silver. The set has 500 five-star reviews on the brand’s site, with reviewers calling it “absolutely beautiful” and “great for any occasion.”

Acrylic Statement Earrings

Cospito says acrylic, lucite and resin pieces are going to be seen a lot this fall because they are easy opportunities to incorporate bold, saturated colors into your wardrobe. “It feels really fun and fresh for this fall,” she said. “It’s almost like your grandma’s jewelry, but it’s being modernized for 2021.”

These acrylic statement earrings from Etsy come in four different styles.

San Juan Bracelet Set

The ’90s/early 2000s beaded jewelry trend we saw make a comeback this summer seems to be here for the fall as well, according to Lopez. Embrace nostalgia with this set of beaded bracelets from Baublebar. You can wear this set of 10 all at once or split them up to make the most out of the bold and bright colors.

GRFISIA Square Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses were mentioned by both Lopez and Nucci, with Lopez describing them as “very Paris Hilton-y/early 2000s pop star sunglasses.” Nucci noted that she’s seen a lot of the skinnier cat eye-style sunglasses lately, so now is the time to expect these oversized styles to be trending. This aligns with Cospito’s note about how volume is starting to take over in accessory trends, too.

INC International Concepts Interlocking-Hook Stretch Belt

Nucci said a thick statement belt is one of her favorite accessories that we can expect to see this fall. “I think it’s great for styling up simple basic pieces, cinching in more flowy silhouettes like baggier tops and dresses and adding a unique twist to those staple essential pieces that people don’t really know what to do with,” she said.

100% Silk Scarf Snood

“One thing that I’m seeing a lot on the runway is snoods,” Nucci said. “Snoods..is somewhat of a detachable turtleneck or [it can be] one single-loop scarf, so that was really interesting to me and I thought that could be a fun and unique accessory that we haven’t really seen a lot of in a while.”

The Drop Janelle Gathered Shoulder Bag

The Coach Pillow Tabby shoulder bag went viral on TikTok earlier this summer and it looks like the padded pillow and puffy style is here to stay, according to both Lopez and Nucci. This shoulder bag from The Drop has that pillow-y style the stylists mentioned. Plus, it comes in three colors and has a 4.2-star average on Amazon.

Realer Faux Leather Hobo Bag

Nucci and Lopez both mentioned the return of the hobo bag this season. “Bags are becoming less structured and more relaxed,” Nucci said of the trend. Lopez regarded it as a popular trend from the early 2000s making its way back to the forefront of the style conversation.

This option from Amazon has a 4.3-star average and over 13,000 verified five-star ratings. “I haven’t found any other purse that I like better than this one,” one five-star reviewer raved.

Fonyve Satin Headscarf

Lopez and Nucci both said that one of the trends we can expect to make a return for fall is headscarves. You can pair it with some oversized sunglasses for a “Betty Draper vibe,” according to Nucci.

There’s more than one way to make use of your headscarf, too! “I wouldn’t be surprised, too, if girls were taking the scarves and tying it around their handbags,” Nucci said.

’47 New York Classic Yankees Baseball Hat

Goodbye bucket hats, hello baseball caps. Lopez said she’s seen this particular green New York Yankees hat all over her Instagram. “What’s kind of been replacing the bucket hat is a baseball cap… a colorful baseball cap. I feel like I’ve seen so many girls wear this green Yankees hat on Instagram lately,” she told us. If green isn’t your color, it also comes in navy, light gray, khaki and maroon.

Banana Republic Felt Fedora

“My favorite fall piece is always a wide-brim felt fedora,” Nucci told us. “Whether it’s trending or not, it’s a classic fall staple piece that just makes your fall look come together.”

A good fedora can pull together an outfit for any outing from a casual shopping day to brunch with friends.

Steve Madden Cozi Slide Sandal

Cospito emphasized how much soft, comfortable and voluminous styles are influencing fall fashion trends. This slide sandal from Steve Madden hits all of those points. Similar to the summertime pillow sandal trend, these puffy sandals are soft and, well, Cozi.

Everlane The Forever Platform Sneaker

“Platforms are back,” Cospito told us. “If you want to get some height but don’t want the pain of a heel, you can do a flatform.”

For a casual everyday flatform, try these sneakers from Everlane. This durable shoe is made out of sustainably-sourced material like 100% recycled polyester trims and a 100% organic cotton binding and lining. The platform is a little over an inch so they give you a boost but are comfortable enough to wear anywhere.

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